Sunday, April 9, 2017

Long Time No Ramble!

This blog is a little dead, but the kids have all moved on to their Tumblrs and Twitters, as have I!  But I'll always appreciate the ability to go more in depth with art here and try to use it periodically

A lot has changed since the last blog, finished My Pet Shisa, graduated college, moved across the country to California, and became a part time animator for a Youtube group!  And I'm working on a new My Pet Shisa short with the hopes of making it a little series for Youtube.  Meet the newest Shisa addition to the family:

There's really no where yet to include their names, especially because these shorts have no dialogue, but the left one's name is Kyu, and the right one's name is Ryu, if you put them together in the right order, that makes Ryukyu, where Okinawa is!  This whole project started from a love of that place.  Little "easter egg" for any potential blogspot readers out there!  I'm working to promote the new series as much as possible, and as such, I've got some exciting stuff coming

Those prints in the picture are one of those things!  Oh and the plush, good golly, that was such an exciting thing!  Unfortunately he won't be for sale but it was so cool to have a plush of a character I designed made real!!  He was made by Budsies, and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a plush of their own character/art!  Anyway, I'll have these prints, buttons, and these stickers:

You'd think after working on this as a senior project and devoting a few weeks of my life entirely to it, I'd be sick of it and wanting to move on, but I really enjoy this project and I'm excited to explore new possibilities with it.  I hope audiences will enjoy it too and learn more about the fascinating mythos of the Shisa!

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