Sunday, April 27, 2014

The lineup!

A lineup of characters for the Rabble Rooster cartoon!  This is a project I'll be working on the first half of the summer.  It's about a retired cartoon who had a show back in the '20s.  I'm not entirely certain about the plot yet but it has something to do with there being a revival of his show, though that could simply be one "episode".  I'm focusing a lot on the visual development this time though.  The first three is an age lineup, from chick to fighter in his prime to the retired toon he is today!  The next three are some of his more memorable rivals, Bully the Bulldog, Lionel "Cap'n" Lantern, and Kingsley Kitten.  My favorite is Cap'n, he probably speaks in grunts haha.

This is Benny's arch-rival though, Bully.  He appears in more episodes than any other boxer and so he gained his status of main antagonist at some point!  Bully is a tough fighter, certainly not afraid to get into close combat, which is how he ends up with so many cuts and bruises!

More to come on this project!  I'll be developing characters and the environments they live in as well as other relevant materials like objects and eh, hey how about that main plot haha!

Friday, April 25, 2014

A bird, a plane... Both?

An older character at this point, this is Charles, the airplane bird!  He's based off of shark nosed WWII planes and all those old aviators (especially Lindbergh).  As for his personality, he's a pretty serious guy and very duty-driven, but underneath all that steel, leather, and fluff, he may (or may not hehe) have a soft side.  He's never been very popular amongst audiences at deviantART or tumblr, but nonetheless he is one of my most favorite characters that I simply love to draw as much as I can!

Friday, April 18, 2014

A puppy!

Ah I dunno what inspired this honestly!  Events from chapter 3 of my webcomic Ritzkrieg, which is getting to be an old chapter at this point!  I really need to get back to doing actual pages but doodling like this is so fun!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bring Back Summer!

Inspired partially by the fact that Frozen is simply wonderful and partially by our own weather.  No joke, it was seriously 77 degrees yesterday and everyone was in shorts and grilling, and today there was such a terrible blizzard that it was nearly unsafe to drive!  If love is the answer, then everyone better start loving each other a little more so we can have summer again someday!

Also, if anyone's interested, here are the characters individually and with no background

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sweet Beats

The little mousey in the bottom left corner is my original character, Victoria.  She's based on 1930s-1920s cartoons and gramophones, I have a set of characters based on "vintage/retro" concepts like this.  Something I do from time to time is imagine them in a human form, so tonight it was finally Victoria's turn!

Design Processes

Also when working on this portfolio, I've been putting together all of the pieces of various projects I've worked on and I choose to use three that I had the most pieces of still (I often make the mistake of throwing away early concepts because I don't consider them pretty or useful enough!  A habit that must change now!).  The first is a character design for Benny Bantam, who was used in a comic. The next two were designed with the goal of 3D animation in mind, the middle being an "environment" and the last being a "wind-up toy".  I love designing!  Modeling, animation, rendering, etc., well that's sorta fun too, but not as fun as concept!


Ah wow this is my first post!  I've always wanted to use this website and now here we are!  
Well, let's get right to it!  I'm working on a portfolio right now and I absolutely need environment "paintings".  Only problem?  My two biggest weaknesses in art are painting and environments!  Nonetheless, I had to give it a try (and will continue to do so!), and I actually found this to be quite relaxing.  I had to take my kitty in to the vet today and leave her for an extended period, so I was feeling anxious and doing these relieved a lot of worries.