Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  Try to avoid Gilda though, she's a prankster and you might end up getting your candy stolen or a pumpkin thrown at you!

I've got one more Inktober drawing, then I'll be working to get them scanned in and put together in some form over the following week!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Looks like Chicken!

Whoo, school has been a whirlwind this semester!  Certainly hasn't been much time for those polished digital illustrations, but it's okay because I've been learning a bunch!  First, I'm in a painting class that I absolutely lovee.  I've always wanted to take painting, and I've always needed to!  I'm really learning how to loosen up my art and pay attention to colors and lighting, it's fantastic.  Also, I'm in an advanced computer animation course, so I'm learning to model the characters I make, rig them, then animate 'em.  Also motion graphics!  And outside of classes, a group of us students are still working on the 5 minute animated short we started at the beginning of summer and we hope to have it out there early spring!  Annnddd... Inktober!  I've been keeping up, which makes 21 drawings as of today!  It's been challenging at times because I'm using predetermined themes, some of which push me outside of my comfort zone! This is very, very good, I need that.

The real reason I'm making this blog post is because I wanted to share one of my newest character designs!  This character is potentially for my "senior project" (thankfully still a year away), but I may choose to pursue this project outside of school (in all my free time yanno, hahahaha... ha...)

This is mah girl... She's not really a human, not really a chicken, but based on both things.  Actually, she's a sun drop!  For this short story, the sun sends her to the Earth on a cloudy day to wake up the flowers!  That being said, her personality is bright, cheery, and sweet.  She loves the flowers and everything else the sun touches!  I wanted her design to be like a triangle, so she ended up being an upside down sun ray of sorts!  Everything in the design comes from an abstracted chicken and an abstracted sun!

Here's the full model sheet:

So that's that~  I'll continue to design around this story and we'll see where it goes!