Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Sweater Round-Up!

Ah once again long time no post, I've been on break since about mid-December and, trust me, I've been using that time to almost full advantage (I had a day or two that I just had to sleep, eat, and doodle minimally to be honest ;w; ).  I started an OC sweater project where I designed an ugly Christmas sweater for as many of my original characters as I could, the idea being 1) to have fun and celebrate the holidays, but 2) to design an outfit that says something about the character's personality.  Closer to Christmas, I decided to make it my annual/official big friend gift art too!  It became a photo finish, literally doing the last touches early Christmas day (you know, that 1-4 am time of day that I just love to work the most xD ).  Without further ado, the results!

It was a fun character-exploring project and it always feels wonderful to give back to all my amazing friends this time of year <3  Since I finished this, and a little before actually, I've been working on comic pages for Ritzkrieg chapter 7!  As I type this, I have started page 5, I'm really happy the comic is still going... 

Happy New Year's!  Here's to a year full of art and experience in 2015!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Holly Jolly Silkie

Apologies for the long time with no posting!  It was my intention to make a big 'ole CTN post, probably still will, but school also happened and it was busy... but now I'm off for break so I'll likely be drawing tons and tons more!  First, the illustration this post is titled for:

Because nothing quite says "Merry Christmas" like a silkie chicken right?  Actually, as much as I love chickens myself and might do this anyway, my reason for making this was because my mom is feeling a bit under the weather and she loves silkie chickens, so I thought this might be a nice surprise.

Since the season hit and school started to let up bit by bit, I've been drawing tons, and especially tons of holiday things... Here's a few of those doodles:

If you want to see more recent doodles, head on over to my tumblr http://www.spiffychickenart.tumblr.com or my twitter https://twitter.com/SpiffyChicken1

Happy Holidays!