Monday, June 1, 2015


Long time no post, yet again!  The past semester was really busy but I also neglected updating here since it's not as active, well, not active at all, but I enjoy the blogging anyway because the tools here are nice haha.  Anyway, it was quite a successful semester I would say!  Three whole animations!  I would specifically like to post about my "Procrastination" project, which, contrary to the name, was the piece I worked the hardest on haha

You can view it above.  It was done mostly with AfterEffects by importing many, many layers of drawings from Photoshop.  A lot of fun and I actually found that this is the way I wanna do my Senior Thesis animation!  But of course, with even more movement and oomph!


Anyway, besides that I also did a PSA about my beloved honey bees (along with some classmates, which was a great experience), and a music video for my most favorite musician (it was unofficial of course, but still so cool to work with her music in that way!).  I've also been updating my webcomic Ritzkrieg, had a table at Appleseed Comic Con, and have been developing many other projects for the future!  Not to mention all the doodles along the way!  I can't upload everything I've missed of course, but here are a few of the pieces I've done:

So there's just a brief view of the last few months, and now, onwards to the future! :D  If you want to see my art updates as they happen, check out my Twitter or Tumblr!

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