Saturday, January 31, 2015

Janurary Throwback Thursdays

So I decided earlier on in January to start doing Throwback Thursdays, but instead of posting pictures, I wanted to post old scary artwork!  And instead of just posting the art, I also decided to do quick re-dos of each drawing!  I'm going to try to make this a tradition throughout the whole year and I'll post them by month here on Blogspot (and weekly on Twitter and Tumblr!)

The original is from around 2005-ish I think?  I think it was a fake Pokemon design too

The original on this is likely 2006.  One of my first original characters!  Unfortunately I didn't have much interest in doing original stuff back then!  

The original on this was 2010.  I actually don't like this redraw too much either, humans are still hard for me but I'm much less hesitant to draw them at least!  And I've really really been trying to kick that darn anime style since 2010 basically, I'll get there someday...

Well I'll see you in February!  It's Ritzkrieg's 5th anniversary this year so I'm gonna try to do Ritzkrieg redraws every Thursday if I can!

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