Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Process of a Ritzkrieg Page

Step 1 - Thumbnailing

Step 2 - Pencil sketch

Step 3 - Transfer of sketch to printed template (still a pencil sketch)

Step 4 - Lineart

Step 5 - Shades

This is pretty much how I've been doing Ritzkrieg pages since day 1 a little over a year ago, roughly 100 pages ago too.  Inks are a rather unpredictable medium... some days my hands are shakier with the lines and often the markers will bleed where I don't expect. Still, I love working traditionally, I feel like I have so much more control over what I'm drawing than if I were working digitally, even though digital would be much cleaner (and it would be easier to fix mistakes @w@ )

Compared to the earlier pages of Ritzkrieg, I think improvement is coming very slowly, but surely!  At least I can say I've learned a lot since then and I'm just gradually learning to apply things I read about and see in other comics.  There is so much to making a successful comic, it makes my head spin, so I take it slow!  Luckily this is a nice long comic that I have to work with, so by the end I should be leagues ahead of where I was when I started.  It's truly a hands-on learning experience!

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