Sunday, June 29, 2014

Arendelle's Coolest Fashions

Never get tired of that pun B)

So it's likely well-known at this point how obsessed I am with Frozen haha.  Well in any case, I completely adore the costuming, literally every costume in the movie is wonderful.  I love the colors, the patterns, everything.  My top favorite?  It'd be a very, very close tie between Elsa's coronation gown and Anna's traveling outfit, with Elsa's ice gown in second place.  I guess I have a thing for capes!

On top of inspiring so many other things in my own art, Frozen has made me think about my own character's costumes a LOT more.  I re-read/re-watched all the stuff about the research that the team did to create these outfits and I was crazy inspired.  Costuming says a lot about a character so it should be given a lot of consideration!  I never mindlessly threw clothes on characters, but I certainly do a lot more research and decide on details much more intricately than ever before!  Thank you Frozen and everyone involved for your wonderfully amazing and inspiring film!!

Also, I drew Elsa and Anna separately, so I now think it's rather amusing that it looks like Anna's about to nail Elsa with a snowball haha!

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