Friday, June 6, 2014

Benny's Coop

My comic pages for Technicolor OCT are basically done so now I can move into my big assignment for the summer, which is to learn about depth and environments.  The first two are my attempt at a home for my character Benny Bantam (which come from many, many sketches if you can believe it!).  It's a simple home with its roots in a perfect, rounded, musical 1920s rubberhose style (That was Benny's original era afterall!).  Benny's wife, Bebe Bantam, tends to the landscaping and gardening, which is also simple.  She likes to keep their home neat, but they're still chickens so they can't help but have hay strewn about.  They live in the countryside, allowing for sprawling fields of corn and other vegetation, which mostly belongs to other farmers in the area.  Very midwestern!

Anyway, I got a critique from my professor and so the bottom image is the result of that.  I didn't even think about my canvas size, which went from 800x800 to 1200x800 (writing this here mostly for my own reference).  I'm also starting to understand how to actually create depth by taking advantage of all the grounds (foreground, midground, background).  A few days ago he gave me Hans Bacher's Dream Worlds to study, which I have only just begun to delve into but I'm already learning a lot! I'll be practicing environments a TON of the summer so expect to see much, much more!

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