Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kids Read Comics

Courtney and I were at Kids Reads Comics this past weekend and we had a BLAST!!  We brought copies of Podunk to sell and our own individual mini-comics (I had Benny Bantam and Boocha's Perfect Plan).  I also brought a variety of buttons, stickers, and bookmarks to sell along with commissions!  For the first time ever, bookmarks and buttons sold remarkably well, what a surprise!  I guess we were in a library, so bookmarks make sense haha!

Anyway, I met tons of wonderful amazing people!  Check 'em the heck out:

And so many, many more!!

There was a great vibe to this con and a lot of excitement in the air.  The crowds were great and the artist community was top notch.  All I can say is... I can't wait to go back next year!!!

A post of commissions and trades from the show is  coming next!

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