Friday, December 12, 2014

Holly Jolly Silkie

Apologies for the long time with no posting!  It was my intention to make a big 'ole CTN post, probably still will, but school also happened and it was busy... but now I'm off for break so I'll likely be drawing tons and tons more!  First, the illustration this post is titled for:

Because nothing quite says "Merry Christmas" like a silkie chicken right?  Actually, as much as I love chickens myself and might do this anyway, my reason for making this was because my mom is feeling a bit under the weather and she loves silkie chickens, so I thought this might be a nice surprise.

Since the season hit and school started to let up bit by bit, I've been drawing tons, and especially tons of holiday things... Here's a few of those doodles:

If you want to see more recent doodles, head on over to my tumblr or my twitter

Happy Holidays!

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