Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Sweater Round-Up!

Ah once again long time no post, I've been on break since about mid-December and, trust me, I've been using that time to almost full advantage (I had a day or two that I just had to sleep, eat, and doodle minimally to be honest ;w; ).  I started an OC sweater project where I designed an ugly Christmas sweater for as many of my original characters as I could, the idea being 1) to have fun and celebrate the holidays, but 2) to design an outfit that says something about the character's personality.  Closer to Christmas, I decided to make it my annual/official big friend gift art too!  It became a photo finish, literally doing the last touches early Christmas day (you know, that 1-4 am time of day that I just love to work the most xD ).  Without further ado, the results!

It was a fun character-exploring project and it always feels wonderful to give back to all my amazing friends this time of year <3  Since I finished this, and a little before actually, I've been working on comic pages for Ritzkrieg chapter 7!  As I type this, I have started page 5, I'm really happy the comic is still going... 

Happy New Year's!  Here's to a year full of art and experience in 2015!

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