Friday, July 11, 2014


Introducing Gilda!  I've been working on her for about two weeks now and I'm now proud to present her to the internet haha!  She's a baby griffin as well as a witch!  Her wings are too small to fly with, she she uses an enchanted broomstick for now~  Griffins age very slowly, she's a few hundred years old but mentally a child that would be roughly 8-10 in human years. 

Griffins, naturally prone to magic, make it not so unusual that she is a witch, however she seems to be exceptionally talented in the craft.  She was set to have her own show in the late '20s, but the Depression came and swept away the funds necessary to actually produce the series.  She hasn't really taken anything serious since; Gilda only wants to have fun and play!  She's very mischievous and often has her fun at the expense of others (mean little magic tricks and such...)

Above are a few of her important items.  First is the enchanted broomstick mentioned earlier, which allows her to fly in place of her embarrassingly small wings.  Second is her cat, Thirteen, who is truly as dumb as he looks!  Finally, her magic wand, which isn't always necessary for her to preform magic, but she likes the way it looks, so she'll use it quite often.  

So that's Gilda, thanks for reading!  I'm excited to develop her story out some more along side Benny! (though their stories are not related, they live in the same cartoon world)

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